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Call me LG
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Welcome to the asylum,

Let me introduce myself. I'm a writer, artist, reader, crafter, foodie, and overall...insane. So cozy up to the fire and stay a while.

If you have a moment then sub, fav, leave a comment, or request something new! It helps me know what you guys want to see and it makes me all warm and fuzzy!

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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
(WARNING: discussion of sensitive topics including but not limited to ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, and politics. Proceed with caution.)

The challenge:

Below I will use a REAL example of things related to controversial topics for you to read. After each example there will be a series of questions. Answer each one honestly in the comments below or just make note of your answers if you don't feel comfortable sharing them. I will supply you with necessary information needed to make a fair judgment. After a few days have passed I will give the entire story and ask you to answer the same questions. Think you're up to the challenge?

Today's Example:

A student was desperately looking for help getting financial assistance for college and met all the standards for aid except for one; their ethnicity. After being denied another applicant was selected who barely met even half of the requirements because the institution preferred their ethnic background.

Today's Questions:

1. Is it unfair for this student to be eliminated from assistance programs because they aren't the right ethnicity?
2. Would their ethnicity change how you see the person?
3. Should the institution be held morally responsible to select applicants based on their actual financial needs?
4. What race are you?
5. What ethnicity are you?

**Challenge Question**
What ethnicity do you think the denied applicant was?


This took place in New Mexico. The student applying was a white female who met all the current requirements for student aid. Upon filling out all the paperwork she was denied the programs under the impression that they only had so many openings. This only happened after her interview. Before that they had assured her she would receive the benefits and that they had more than enough in scholarship allowance. The majority in the state of New Mexico is Hispanic and I see this often where the minority (non-Hispanic) here are ignored in favor of being fair to the termed (Hispanic) minority.

Given all the information did your opinion change?
What would you do: racism
I'm thinking of doing a series of these types of entries to get people conversing about sensitive topics. I know it won't be easy or comfortable but I feel it needs to be done. We can not expect change we are not willing to be.

Thanks guys,

Let your voice heard.
Crymic: Video Games by l1k3gh0sts
Crymic: Video Games
Hey guys,

Just a VERY quick comic that popped into my head. I may pull it down or redo it later. For now I hope you enjoy. Characters are Cry and Mad!Cry and I thought it might be fun to change up his usual look, except for the mask of course. <3

See ya,

Art belongs to me.
More Digital Drawing
Cryaotic's YouTube page here

**Don't forget to comment, fav, sub, and request info about commissions. It really helps me make better art for you guys and it gives me warm and fuzzies!**
(WARNING: general horror)

I hate itching. It's one of the few things that can be the single most satisfying feeling in the world or drive a person to absolute madness. The horrible kind are the ones that you can't seem to find. They live somewhere deep under your skin and no matter how hard you scratch at it nothing helps.

I hate itching. It's been unbearable for hours now. I can feel it so clearly. It feels like there are small insects crawling along my body. Tiny little legs dragging across my muscles somewhere where my nails can't get to. I have been scratching at it for a while but I can't find the source.

Now that I think of it I hate bugs. I hate them almost as much as itching. It feels just like bugs crawling around under my skin. The ugly little things are the stuff of nightmares, their creepy little eyes and sectioned bodies. It's unnatural how many legs they have on either side of their bodies. Most of those little legs are covered in small hairs and they don't have feet. Not normal feet anyway. I've seen the way some bug feet look more like tiny hooks so they can hold onto things.

I hate itching and I hate bugs. Now I can't get it out of my head. What if there are tiny bugs under my skin. Their feet and hairs pricking into my tissue inside my arms. I'm scratching but nothing is helping. No normal itch feels like this. There must be something wrong. It's just an itch.

Wait, I don't remember that lump being there. What the hell is this? It's so itchy. I hate itching. Bugs make me itch. I'm scratching the lump but…what the fuck. It's gone. I swear I can feel it moving. It's like the drag and twitching of a winged bug. I keep scratching at it but it's no use. I cover my ears to keep from scratching but...what's that? Digging? I shouldn't be able to hear anything. It sounds like bugs moving around in my head. It's just like the shifting of a roach on the floor. I press my hands down harder but it's still there. My ears and face are itching. Bugs make me itch and I can't stop myself from scratching. The lumps can't be real but when I look in the mirror something doesn't look right.
Why are my eyes so dark? I don't remember these lumps. It's so itchy. The noise won't stop. I'm scratching but I can't get to them. The bugs are driving me crazy. I need it to stop! I need it to stop now! I hate itching and bugs and the noise! I need something to make it stop! I can't just dig them out with my nails. No matter how much I claw I can't find them.

Scratching, moving through muscle, little feet and bodies creeping around. I hate itching. I found something that should help. I'll cut them out. Then I'll be ok. I hate itching. It hurts but I can get them out. I hate bugs. I hate the noise. I have to cut it out! I have to make it stop! The knife is helping. My arms and ears hurt from getting them out but I feel like I can finally get some decent rest.

I hate itching.
I Hate Itching
Hey guys,

Something that just happened to pop into my head. Now I can't get them out.

Sleep tight,

**Don't forget to comment, fav, sub, and request. It really helps me make better art for you guys and it gives me warm and fuzzies!**

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