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Let me introduce myself. I'm a writer, artist, reader, crafter, foodie, and overall...insane. You'll see all sorts of art here from horror stories to crafting tutorials. So cozy up to the fire and stay a while.

Welcome to the asylum,

Don't forget to favorite, comment, and watch for more of the insanity.

My YouTube Narrations: here

My Tumblr: here

Skype: l1k3gh0sts (LG)

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(If you like my ID pay my dear friend :iconnikissu: a visit. She deserves the lovin'.)
Hey guys,

So it's been a long time and it's been crazy lately. My health has greatly declined but I still haven't forgotten about my works. I miss posting and I feel like it's time for a fresh start in some ways. I WILL BE CLEANING UP MY GALLERY. This means deleting journal entries that are no longer useful, updating tutorials, updating my commission information, condensing content for viewing, new features, updated everything basically. Lol. I'm also working on my YouTube channel as we speak with similar types of updates.

I will soon be posting vlogs on a separate channel that will cover my health and updates. I know many of my dear friends worry and I've not been able to keep up with things well. I owe all of my viewers, subs, and friends a lot more than I've been giving. My health is no excuse and I will do my best. I also know better than to push myself too hard and I will be taking better care of myself.

I love you guys and am deeply grateful for ever person I've met and every friend I've made. Hopefully in the next few months I'll have everything updated and formatted in a better way. I will be honest that I have so many messages and such these days that I can not get back to every comment, request, and the like and for that I'm sorry. I want everyone to know I appreciate ever single comment, like, sub, and request.

Thanks guys,
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(WARNING: unsolved missing persons case, dark themes)

On December 18th 1996 a frantic phone call was recorded by 911 emergency services in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The caller was a 31 year old male who was later identified as Tom Grey.

Grey had placed the call near one AM in a hysterical state claiming that someone had entered his home. 911 operator Maria Sanchez fielded the strange call and thought it was a prank at first. Soon after the call began it became clear Grey was in an alerted state of mind and police were dispatched to his home. The operator stated that she had heard a child's voice and feared Grey would hurt the child.

Upon arrival at the location police forced entry and the scene before them left officers in shock. There were no signs of struggle or an attempted break in matching what the operator had described hearing. The officers found no trace of Grey or the child.

Upon further investigation into Grey's history it was discovered that the man lived alone in the one story home. Family members and friends described him as a good man with no history of drug abuse or mental disorders. It was also discovered that Grey had no children or girlfriend at the time of his disappearance.

The case is currently open even though leads have gone cold. Grey's family and friends still hold out hope that he will be found.

911 Logged transcript of Grey's phone call

Operator: 911 what is your emergency? 

Grey: (Panicked, stuttered) I-I think I'm having a nightmare.

Operator: You're having a nightmare sir?

Grey: (slightly muffled) Yes. 

Operator: Sir I'm sorry but this line us for emergency use o-(cut off)

Grey: (becoming more agitated) No you don't understand. I'm having a nightmare right now. I...I don't know how to wake up. Please, please God help me.

Operator: Sir I need you to calm down.

Grey: You don't understand! You need to wake up! Please! he's breaking in! (Muffled) Stay away from me!

Operator: Sir, sir are you still there?

Grey: (frantic) Wake up before he gets in! Oh God!

Operator: Before who gets in?

Grey: (Sob like muttering) Go away!

Operator: Sir are you at ****? I have police on the way to that location. 

Grey: (voice distant from phone) Oh my God! Oh my God! Please wake up! Stay away from me!

Unknown child's voice: Daddy...

Grey: (screaming, line disconnects)
The Disappearance of Tom Grey
Hey guys,

This is why I don't like kids. Just a little something to fill my absence.

Sleep tight,

More horror: here
Story belongs to me

Don't forget to favorite, comment, and watch for more of the insanity.
My Youtube for more nightmares: here
Gift: UKOGmonkey by l1k3gh0sts
Gift: UKOGmonkey
Hey guys,

So this was done a while back but I couldn't post it till now. My comp is down and I'm dying inside slowly. *sobs* I have no idea when it will be fixed. For now I'll post this from my stash. Will be running a fundraiser for a new comp soon hopefully.

See ya,

Art belongs to me

Don't forget to favorite, comment, and watch for more of the insanity.

Commission price sheet: here

UKOG's Twitch here: here
Old Kiribans by l1k3gh0sts
Old Kiribans
Hey guys,

So these are old kiriban winners. I haven't done one of these in forever. Perhaps I should do one again soon. We'll see. I'm just glad I'm finally getting around to cleaning up all my submissions. Geez these hurt me to look at them. Lol.

See ya soon,

Art belongs to me

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