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Call me LG
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United States
Welcome to the asylum,

Let me introduce myself. I'm a writer, artist, reader, crafter, foodie, and overall...insane. So cozy up to the fire and stay a while.

If you have a moment then sub, fav, leave a comment, or request something new! It helps me know what you guys want to see and it makes me all warm and fuzzy!

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It's finally midnight where I live and I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year. It was an amazing year making new friends and enjoying good company. I wish the best for everyone this year and may it be one full of good fortune. Love you guys lots!

Best wishes,
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Art Trade: Rick by l1k3gh0sts
Art Trade: Rick
Hey all,

So this is my half of an art trade with :iconzenith-zero:. I do hope it turned out well enough. I had to do this twice because my comp decided to delete the original fine. *smack head on desk*


Art belongs to me.
Character belongs to: :iconzenith-zero:

**Don't forget to comment, fav, sub, and request info about commissions. It really helps me make better art for you guys and it gives me warm and fuzzies!**
(WARNING: general horror)

I switched my computer on with an excited smile. Pewds was supposed to drop a new video today on a new horror game. It was supposed to be really scary and I was itching for a good laugh. I loved how easily Pewds freaked out even if I was usually screaming with him.

I opened my web browser and made my way to his actual website. It didn't do me any good to watch it directly on YouTube, not if I wanted to leave a comment anyway. Once I got the page open though I was a bit confused. The site looked different. It only had one video on screen that was simply titled 'A Special Thanks'. Well it would be worth watching one way or another. I clicked play and the video automatically switched to full screen. It was weird though. The room around Pewds was strangely dark and he seemed to be standing behind what looked to be a person sitting in front of a computer. The person was hidden behind the monitor and the little light that came from it only added creepy shadows to his face.

"How's it going bros it's pewdiepie." His voice was as chipper as ever. He was smiling but it didn't feel right. The shadows cast by the light made it look twisted. I watched silently as he adjusted his headphones a moment.

"Today we are going to play a brand new horror game. You bros have been requesting more horror stuff and I thought why not." I was completely confused now. He wasn't sitting in front of a monitor or anything. That and his cam was full screen. There wasn’t any split in the video showing an in game menu.

"But first I wanted to thank all you bros for sticking with me. I know you guys are some of the best bros a YouTuber could have. This game is something I’ve wanted to make for a while and it's going to be awesome." He added with that same slightly chilling smile. I felt nervous as I watched him shift his weight a bit as he stood there.

"I recommend you put your headphones on though if you don't have any on already. It’s better if you can only hear the video." I was wearing mine so I didn't bother to pause it. This was too weird and some part of me wondered if it wasn't some kind of joke. Or if the network had been hacked. Then again it really was Pewds I was staring at. Now I was wishing I had kept the light in my room on. Everything about him seemed normal but the atmosphere left me feeling somehow violated. The low light, the weird style of the video, everything made me feel uneasy.

"I'm actually making the game with you right now. It will be the best horror game yet. I'm going to call it Hide and Seek." He gestured excitedly. The way this was playing out was starting to really scare me. I didn't want to see the rest of it and tried to close out the page. When I pressed the escape key though it didn't do anything. What the…? I couldn't close down the window. Was my computer freaking out? I hit the power button and held it but nothing happened. It wouldn’t even register that I was trying to shut it down in any way.

"You will have five seconds to hide before the game starts." He said as he took a step closer to the person sitting in the chair.




I was freaking out as I tried again to shut down the feed. Everything about this was terrifying and it wasn't funny if he meant it to be a joke.


I tugged my headphones off and turned quickly to get the light. I couldn't take much more of this. It was too scary and I would feel better once I could see.

As I stood up though my gaze met Pewds’ excited expression, "five."
pewdiepie: A Special Thanks

Hey guys

Just another side work for the pewdiepie contest. More a work of boredom. I hope you guys like it. Also this one isn't a part of my ongoing series pewDIEpie.

Sleep tight,

More Horror Writing
**Don't forget to comment, fav, sub, and request story ideas. It really helps me write better things for you guys.**
Gift: Cowl by l1k3gh0sts
Gift: Cowl
Hey guys,

Another little image from the birds. Cause a tiny cow makes me smile. Lol.


Art belongs to me.

**Don't forget to comment, fav, sub, and request info about commissions. It really helps me make better art for you guys and it gives me warm and fuzzies!**

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